How to get the Semesterticket

The new Semesterticket comes as mobile-ticket for your smartphone or, if you choose to, as a classic paper-ticket (e.g. if you don’t have a smartphone)

Order your code for the App or the paper ticket here!<<<

If you had a mobile-ticket the semester before, you just have to do the ordering process and don’t have to add a ticket again into the app.  If you recieved your confirmation email, the tickets refreshes automatically during the next semester.


Having problems ordering/unlocking your ticket? Scroll down to “Troubleshooting”.

Before the semester starts you can (and have to, if you wanne use it) order the ticket online. You can also order it during the semester.

Ordering means, getting the code to unlock the ticket in your NAH.SH app or set the order to get the paper ticket send to you.

Freshwomen*men and students who have switched to Kiel university can order their ticket starting October 1st.

There you type in your personal data, the systems checks if you have submitted you semester fee and that you will be a student of CAU.
Due to the fact, that the Semesterticket is a personalized ticket and can’t give it to someone else, you have to upload a photo of yourself.
After that you can choose, whether you want to use the mobile ticket or a paper ticket.
Be aware: If you choose the paper ticket, you’ll get just one replacement per semester and switching between mobile and paper ticket during the semester is not possible.
The mobile ticket is integrated in the NAH.SH App with a QR Code. After ordering it on the page you’ recieve the code to unlock it. The paper ticket will be send by mail.

For students of the CAU Kiel, the Semesterticket Schleswig-Holstein is valid from October 1 2019 even if it has been downloaded prior to this date.


If it is your fist semester at CAU you first have to set a password at the CIM-Portal ( Here you can find further informations (only German):

Log in at the CIM-Portal. This website is available in english language. The password you have to change (–> settings) is the one for the CAU-Identitätsprovider (CAUIDP).

After having changed the password you have to wait for some minutes.

Now you should be able to log in at with your CIM-Kennung and your new password.

If you have any problems don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail!


Delete your browser history, restart your browser, use another device or use a different browser.

A hand full of cases used Apple/Mac products, where this happened. Try using a device with a different system.

First step: Check whether you entered the right password (that’s usually the trick).

Doesn’t work? Please get in contact with the helpdesk of the university’s Rechenzentrum, which care for the database in the background:

1) Check if you are re-registered correctly! (-> )

2) Try again.

Doesn’t work? Please get in contact with the helpdesk of the university’s Rechenzentrum, which care for the database in the background:

  1. Check your spam folder!
  2. Order the ticket again. You will get a  error message, that you’ve already ordered the ticket. This message includes the code to unlock the ticket (“Ticketnummer”), with which you can unlock the ticket in the app!

If there’s no mail, get in contact with the NAH.SH customer service.

Close the app.
Close all apps and restart it.
Uninstall the app and download it again.

You got a problem and using a Huawai phone? Delete the cache/data of your app in general settings -> apps -> NAH.SH App. Start your app again.