Refund & hardship cases

There are two different ways to be exempted from the semester ticket: The refund and the hardship regulation. In the case of a refund, the ticket is returned. The fee is refunded, but you can no longer use the ticket.
For students who fall under the hardship regulation, the student body pays the semester ticket fee. They can then continue to use the semester ticket.
It is important that you first transfer the full semester fee so that you can be enrolled. Afterwards, you may be reimbursed for the semester ticket fee.


You can find the rules for refunds in §7 and §8 of the "Contribution statutes of the student body". You can have your semester ticket fee refunded if you are on official leave of absence from your studies, if you have to spend a semester abroad, a study period outside the semester ticket collection area or if you are entitled to a refund due to a disability.

You can bring your Refund application, the necessary certificates/evidence and proof of payment of the semester fee to the AStA information office, send them by post, send them by e-mail to or from now on also use our new Online application. an uns schicken. Der Antrag für das jeweilige Semester ist bis zum 30. April (Sommersemester) bzw. 31. Oktober(Wintersemester) zu stellen. Bei Exmatrikulationen kann der Antrag bis zum 28. Februar (Wintersemester) oder 31. August (Sommersemester) eingereicht werden, unter der Maßgabe, dass die Exmatrikulation spätestens im ersten Semestermonat (Oktober/April) erfolgte.

If you use the state-wide semester ticket as a paper ticket, please also send it in by post or bring it by.

If you have any questions, you can reach us via e-mail to

From the summer semester 2020, we will no longer need the CAU Card for refunds.

From now on: Simply fill out the "Application for refund of the Semesterticket fee" online!

Hardship regulation

Hardship applications are processed by the Hardship Commission, which was elected by the student parliament. The regulations for hardship cases, on the basis of which the AStA processes the applications, can be found from §9 of the "Contribution statutes of the student body". Submit a complete application, i.e. with all necessary evidence (e.g. copy of bank statement, rental agreement, employment contract, etc.).

You can bring your hardship application and the necessary certificates/evidence to the AStA information office, send it in by post or digitally to Hardship applications can be submitted until September 15 (for the winter semester) or March 15 (for the summer semester). If you have any further questions, you can also contact us via this e-mail address.

You want to know if you fall under the hardship regulation?

If you are not sure whether the hardship rule applies to you, simply use our practical online calculator. This will give you an initial overview of whether it is worthwhile for you to submit an application.

Documents and applications to download

Contribution statutes of the student body

Documents and applications in English

Request for a Refund of the Semesterticket Fee
Hardship Request for a Refund of the Semester Fee