Semester fee

The semester fee is made up as follows

The semester fee for summer semester 24 consists of the following parts:

Studierendenwerk (counseling services, canteens & halls of residence):


Tasks of the student body (student councils, AStA, counseling, student projects):


Culture ticket fee:


Semester ticket (of which 58€ are for the KVG ticket and 113€ for state-wide semester ticket):


Total: 248€

Die Rückmeldung zum Sommersemester 2024 muss vom 02.01. bis 28.02.2024 erfolgt sein. Es muss der gesamte Beitrag überwiesen werden, damit die Rückmeldung gültig ist.

The composition of the semester fee as a pie chart

Enrollment regulations

An amendment to the matriculation regulations has been in force since 01.12.2020. These changes concern the consequences of late re-registration. If you have not transferred the semester fee by the end of the re-registration period, you will immediately receive a notice of de-registration. However, you then have the option of transferring the fee within the deadline set by the Studentenwerk without paying any additional fees. With this transfer you will then be properly re-registered at the university.

After the end of the re-registration period, students who have not re-registered can be exmatriculated ex officio.

Students are obliged to pay the semester fee each semester for the facilities maintained in their interest - regardless of their actual use.

Bank transfer data

Recipient: Studentenwerk SH-CAU-STUD
Bank: Förde Sparkasse
IBAN: DE80 2105 0170 0025 0007 61

Purpose: Matriculation number (or enrollment number / student ID)

The Health insurance certificate must be submitted if changes have occurred compared to the previous semester.

If your adress has changed please update it immediately in the CAU portal (campus management system).