International students

The Department for International Students is an information and consulting center for all international students at CAU.

Consultation for International Studentsr

We’re here to answer any questions about your studies, handle problems, or help you get in contact with the appropriate parties.

Integrative events

We work to help you experience more of Germany and meet new people by organizing social evenings and field trips. German students are naturally also invited to participate in these events.

Cooperation with the Studentenwerk

First and foremost, we are here to intermediate any problems residents in the student dormitories may have. We also attempt to bring the various student dorms together by organizing cultural events between them.

Committee work

We act as AStA representatives in all committees at the university that are relevant for international students, and make sure their interests are represented there. One such committee worth mentioning is the “Überbrückungsaussschuss” (“Bridging Committee”)—they are an advisory committee on loans available to students in financial need.


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