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"Stell dir vor.."-Grafik

This is what it can look like!

... it exists elsewhere! This building belongs to the student body of UBC Vancouver.
There's everything from workstations, cafeterias, rooms for projects, an art gallery and even a climbing wall! But watch the video and see for yourself!

Nestbau Logo "Wem gehört die Uni?"

University can be so much more than just lectures and seminars. Or what do you think? What does it need for that? Student space!

So that we can still be catered for after 4 pm. There are easy and always accessible ways to study and do group work. To stay on campus after lectures. To use the campus to get involved or to meet and organize in initiatives and university groups. And much more. But unfortunately, the opportunities on the current campus are limited and not particularly student-friendly.

Student representatives (AStA) and university politics also need space to work for the student body. Student life needs space for a lively and diverse campus. We want to evaluate, create and demand this space!

And the first step towards this is the Student Space project office to collect data and create the basis.


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You will spend at least 3 years of your life on the campus of the university you are studying at. And there are almost no limits to the length of your studies. As the largest status group at the university, with around 27,500 students, the rooms you move around in are usually a triangle of seminar room/lecture hall, library and canteen/cafés. But imagine there are other things happening on campus.

With 27,500 people (plus 3,800 employees), we are a small town and the many opportunities to participate have too little space on campus. If 27,500 students have enough space, great things can happen.

The best campus is the one you only want to leave to sleep. Because there is enough space here to study, meet with study and work groups - or just with friends, you are well catered for from breakfast to dinner, you can pursue your hobbies here, whether it's politics, sport or art & culture. You can participate by actively shaping the university or in a university group with its own room and enough space for the next meeting. Everyone from interest groups, initiatives, student councils and advice centers have enough space to represent and support all students.


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The Nestbau-Team

We, Carlotta (Master's degree in International Comparative Sociology and Political Science) and Julian (Master Urban & Regional Development), both work for the student body in the AStA and study at the CAU!

"For me, the student space is the place on campus where I can develop freely and where my studies not only help me professionally, but also personally."


"We all want a good and fulfilling course of study. One that takes us forward, where we can try things out, get involved and develop further. We want a lively campus and a university that gives us more than just lectures and seminars. More space for students, i.e. student space, is the key to all of this.

Das Nestbau Team auf dem Campus: Carlotta und Julian sitzen auf einem Sofa vor den Seminargebäuden der Leibnizstr.
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How did the project office come about?

How can university groups, initiatives and student councils get involved?

How many workshops will there be?

What comes after the end of the project office?

I have a question that has not yet been answered here!


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