Area of validity of the semester ticket

The state-wide semester ticket is valid throughout Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg for 2nd class on all buses and trains in the NAH.SH fare zone. In Hamburg for the HVV A+B fare zone.
You can use the ticket 24/7 and on all days of the semester.

The ticket is not valid for the Sylt Bus (you can get to Westerland but cannot use the bus on Sylt), not for DB long-distance services (ICE/IC/EC) and not for long-distance buses.

Kiel students can use the SFK ferries (F1 and F2) with their semester ticket.

With the F1, you cannot travel with the semester ticket at weekends in summer, and you also have to buy a normal ticket during Kieler Woche.

On the F2, you can also take a bicycle with you free of charge, subject to available capacity.

You can also use the HADAG passenger ferries in the HVV, but the Priwall ferry in Lübeck is not included.

The rings A+B in the area of application can be found in the HVV map with the marked rings A to E.
You can read the tariff regulations for the state-wide semester ticket here: Fare regulations of the semester ticket Schleswig-Holstein

Optional upgrade to the Deutschlandticket

Since July 1, 2023, students have been able to upgrade their Schleswig-Holstein state-wide semester ticket to a Deutschlandticket. You only have to pay the price difference between the semester ticket and the Deutschlandticket. You can find all information about this on our Information page about the semester ticket upgrade.

Maps of the areas of validity

Geltungsbereich des landesweiten Semestertickets

The area of validity in the Kiel area includes the following areas and connections:

Tarifzonen "Semesterticket" mit Liniennetz