Semester ticket FAQ - here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the semester ticket

Here you will find answers to all important questions about the semester ticket. If your question has not been answered here, take a look at our FAQ about the semester ticket upgrade and our FAQ about the Deutschland-Semesterticket.


Where is the semester ticket valid? For which means of transportation?

The state-wide semester ticket is valid throughout Schleswig-Holstein for 2nd class on all city and regional buses and regional trains (not EC/IC/ICE). In Hamburg it is valid in the HVV tariff zone A+B on buses, underground and suburban trains.
You can use the ticket 24/7 and on all days of the semester.

You can download the map as a PDF file here.

The rings A+B in the area of application can be found in the HVV map with the marked rings A to E.

For example, the ticket is not valid for the bus routes on Sylt and the bus services on the other North Frisian islands and not for long-distance buses.

Further information on the scope of application can be found here.

Who made the decision for the state-wide semester ticket?

In January 2019, there was a student survey on the state-wide semester ticket. Subsequently, the student parliament also voted in favor of introducing the nationwide semester ticket.

Can I also use it at the weekend or during the semester break?

Yes, the ticket is valid and can be used around the clock and on all days of the week, even during the semester break. For the winter semester, the validity period begins on October 1, for the summer semester on April 1.

Can I take other people/my bike/dogs with me?

It is possible to take 3 children up to the age of 6 with you. Additional persons require their own tickets. Bicycles and dogs also require the usual additional tickets. We are campaigning for this to be abolished over time and for the carriage regulations to be extended.

Where and how do I get my ticket?

You can "order" the semester ticket on the NAH.SH website. "Order" means that you can choose between the cell phone ticket and the paper ticket.
You will then be sent the activation code for the ticket directly in the NAH.SH app or the paper ticket will be sent by post.

The ticket must be requested again for each semester.

You can find more information about unlocking and the order page here.

I get an error message when ordering the ticket.

We have compiled a list of the most common problems and solutions on our "Activating your semester ticket" information page.
There, simply scroll down to "Troubleshooting".

What about refunds and hardship cases?

The reasons for reimbursement of the semester ticket are semesters abroad, people with certain impairments, studying outside the federal state, or exmatriculation.

For people whose hardship application is approved, the student body will cover the costs of the semester ticket in solidarity. Hardship applications can be submitted to the Hardship Commission.

You can find the exact regulations and applications on our information page "Refund & hardship cases".

Are there different levels of the semester ticket?

There is only one form of semester ticket, there are no different gradations ("Kiel only", "without Hamburg"). Only through this solidarity-based form of financing is the state-wide semester ticket possible for all students at the current price.

How is the price calculated?

In the end, the ticket costs what we students actually spend. The current price was estimated based on a survey of students about their use of public transport. From the summer semester 2020, student travel behavior will again be surveyed by means of an online survey and interviews in vehicles. This will determine the actual price.

Due to the corona pandemic, there are delays in the surveys of travel behavior. The AStA is in contact with NAH.SH and the transport companies to negotiate a good solution for students.

Can we as a student body opt out of the ticket again?

As a student body, we can withdraw from the contract once the state funding has expired. The student parliament will decide on this.

Whether we as students then want to continue using the nationwide semester ticket depends on what the conditions will be like at that time and what we were able to achieve in the renegotiations.

But I don't travel by train or bus at all. Do I still have to pay for the ticket?

The ticket is supported by solidarity, similar to the canteens or the student councils, which are also co-financed from your semester fee. For a single person, a comparable network ticket currently costs €3094.20 per year.

I want to travel to Lower Saxony. From where do I have to buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket from the last stop on HVV Ring B (e.g. Klecken or Ashausen). It doesn't matter whether the train you take stops at this station or just passes through.

However, it is important that it is possible that the type of train you are taking could stop at the station. For example, if you take a regional train, you cannot buy a ticket from the last S-Bahn stop in Ring B (e.g. to Buxtehude with the RE from Hamburg Harburg and not from the S-Bahn stop Neu-Wulmstorf).

The mobile ticket is not displayed correctly on Huawei devices without an Android license. What can I do?

If you are using a Huawei-smartphone, you have the option of loading the mobile ticket into the DB Navigator app from the Huawei AppGallery. How it works: Order the mobile ticket as described. After ordering, load the ticket into DB Navigator ("Travel" menu item and then select the plus symbol). We cannot guarantee that this method will work permanently.