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Die Kampagne:
Shine a light on sexual violence in the university environment!

Sexual violence and sexual harassment are very present in universities, like in any other environment.

This campaign hopes to shine a light on the difficult topic of sexual violence by destigmatizing it and offering ways to take action. The first step to make a change is to be informed. Sadly many misconceptions about sexual violence and sexual harassment are believed and shared in universities. A campaign is needed not only to raise awareness about those issues but also to help the members of universities to ask themselves how they can help create safe spaces with their words, behaviours and actions. A campaign is also necessary to help survivors of sexual violence by encouraging their community to believe and support them. Raising awareness and calling for action about sexual violence is a moral responsibility to all of us.

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And now… it's your turn! 

We put together a toolkit so you can spread the message on your campus! If you’d like to print some postcards and stickers you can download the files here.

Action for Awareness – Stickers & post cards

If you’d like to get the whole toolkit, including all the posters, a template for a screen printed shirt, instagram posts and much more please contact us and we'll get back to you.

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