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Universities are not free from sexual violence!

Advocating for our safety on campus

As much as we want places of education to be safe spaces, universities are no exception to sexual violence, among other injustices. However, we believe in higher education institutions to strive for fairness, equality, and justice. Rather than denying the existence of sexual violence, like so many of us – students, staff, faculty, and researchers – have experienced, our motivation is to expose the problem and tackle the challenges ahead. 


Initially, Action for Awareness began with a sexual violence case involving two students. Assisted by faculty, staff and administrators, the case exposed many weaknesses in the legal framework, university politics, and systematic injustices. As the case escalated, the publicity drew a lot of attention and solidarities from countless victims and allies. Therefore, our current team felt a duty to acknowledge and expose the widespread, deeply affecting problem of sexual violence in the context of campuses.


The risk of being sexually harassed rises with the level of education.

1 out 5 Frauen erlebt sexualisierte Gewalt im universitären Umfeld.


We deserve a campus free from harm, full of education. Our demand is simple, yet the system in place is complicated. We demand everyone's attention to start becoming more aware, so we can change a deeply rooted problem of sexual violence felt by the university community. By urging accountability from the administration, we require more resources to support survivors and prevention measures for the lecture halls as well as the offices.