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Refund and hardship rules

There are two ways to be freed from the semestericket fee: The refund, where you give back your ticket but also get back your money and the hardship cases, where you can keep the ticket, but the students’s body pays for it.

It’s fundamentally important, that you’ve paid your semester fee in the given period of re-registration.
After that you might have the opportunity to get you money back.
Refund requests can be send in till the end of the first month of each semester (till the end of October and the end of April). Hardship requests can be send in till the beginning of each semester (end of September for the winter semester and end of March for the summer semester) . It’s not possible during and after the semester.



You can find the rules of the refund in § 3 of the Beitragssatzung. You can get a refund, e.g. if you have a handicap/disability, if you have an internship outside of the area of validity or studying at a university outside of the area of validity.

For the refund we need proof of your given reasons and that you’ve paid your semester fee. If you’re using a statewide semesterticket in paper form, also bring it (or don’t order it at all). Drop by at the AStA bureaus in Mensa 1 or send it in via mail to buero@asta.uni-kiel.de.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a mail to semesterticket@asta.uni-kiel.de.



The revised hardship rules are processed by the Hardship Commission (Härtefallkommision) of the students’ parliament.
If you want to check, whether you fall under the hardship rules, here’s a hardship calculator (engl. version is in the making).
You can bring your hardship application to the AStA-Infobüro, send it via letter post or digitally via Mail to haertefall@asta.uni-kiel.de. Applications can be filed until 01. September (for winter semester) or until 01. March (for summer semester). The hardship commission will then start to process all applications. If you have any urgent questions, don’t hesititate to contact us via this mail.


Beitragssatzung der Studierendenschaft 106.91 KB 1698 downloads

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